It’s That Time of Year . . .

At the end of each year, it has become my tradition to review the goals I set and see how I did, and then to create new goals for the new year. I’ve been doing this for 8 years now, and I find it helpful for keeping my focus throughout the year – usually. Life happens when you’re making plans for something else, right? So, let’s see how I did:

1. I will get an agent this year. Period.

Well, I tried. I did begin to submit to agents again, and while I had favorable comments, I haven’t landed one just yet. So, we’ll be seeing this one again, I’m certain.

2. I will finish at least three novels this year, including rewriting The Afterward, finishing Namesake, and a third novel (yet to be determined).

That was very ambitious of me! And I did pretty well. The Afterward has been revised, I finished a novel called “The Year I Went Invisible” (though it needs a great deal of work still). I wrote (and sold!) two new short stories, and I’ve started a new novel that is moving along nicely (it doesn’t have a name yet, though). While I didn’t actually write three two new novels, I still feel pretty good about my accomplishments.

3. I will continue to look for opportunities to promote my work and to participate in at least one writing-related event each month. 

I came so close on this! I did find new places to market my work! And I took full advantage of every opportunity! I managed to be involved in 10 events this year! And for some of them, I was even paid! This one might be tougher with only one new book coming out this year, but hopefully, I’ll find some new resources as well.

4. I will attend two writing conferences or workshops to benefit my own writing.

I have to cheat a bit on this one, but to me, it still counts. In April, I was one of the presenters at the Writing for Charity event in Provo, Utah. However, I took full advantage of the times I wasn’t presenting and attended as many workshops as I could fit in during the day. Then in September, I joined the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers organization and attended their three-day conference in Denver. It was amazing, uplifting, and something I very much needed to do for myself and my heart.

5. I will offer four writing workshops  during the year.

And here, I exceeded my goal significantly. I began teaching for the University of Utah’s Lifelong Learning program again after not having taught for them in over 12 years. It is a wonderful, rewarding experience, and I look forward to the classes and my students each week. This coming spring, I will be teaching a class on Flash Fiction, and I have gained so much insight by reading in this area, so I’m very excited to share this with my students.

And so for next year? Well, I’m continuing to try to stretch a bit, but I’m also trying not to set myself up for failure or disappoint. Let’s be realistic: I have a full-time job; I’m a wife, mother, grandmother, and the giant furless mommy cat in my family. I have responsibilities and demands – but I also have a need to write, so I’m trying to find that balance between the real world and my writing ambitions. My family is supportive and willing to compromise (which is easier now that my baby is 19 and only lives here on school breaks), but I need time with them, too. In that realm of balance and ambition, here are the 2015 edition of my goals:

1. I will submit to no less than 5 agents each month.

2. I will write a minimum of 7,500 words each week.

3. I will participate in a minimum of 10 events which allow me to promote my books.

4. I will attend at least one writing event where I am NOT speaking or presenting.

5. I will continue teaching creative writing courses through Lifelong Learning.

Now, I’m adding a new twist: I have printed off my goals and stuck them to the wall next to my desk so that I can see them each day. I am inviting you to ask me at any time to provide a public update on these goals, which I will do. I’m inviting any encouragement, support, chastising, or harassment that you may feel is appropriate throughout the year. And I will thank you now, in advance, for doing so.

Here’s to the new year: may we all follow our dreams and continue to flourish and grow!



Stories and Writing and Books – OH MY!

I openly admit that summer is my most favorite season. I love being outside, I love nurturing my garden, and I love taking my laptop out to my patio to work.

office outside

But of course, there are some wonderful aspects to autumn as well. All the time spent tending to my garden rewards me with the harvest of raspberries and nectarines, and this year with watermelon! The cooler air is wonderful for taking my dog for a walk. And of course, Halloween, the Autumnal Equinox, and Day of the Dead are all part of this season! Fall is a very productive time for me in a creative sense as well For some reason, my brain begins to process things in a different way. I begin to see story ideas in new and inventive forms, and I feel the pull to spend inordinate amounts of time writing things down, polishing existing work, and focusing on the goals I set at the beginning of the year.

This is not to say that I am not focused during the summer; I definitely am! But it’s as if my creativity and my desire to write go into overdrive! I know that for a lot of people who write, winter is a very productive time for them. But I suffer terribly from Season Affective Disorder, and the winters where I live are often marked with temperature inversions the turn the air into toxic oatmeal. The view from my window becomes like the view from inside a fish bowl that hasn’t been cleaned.


I struggle during the winter to do anything other than curl up in a ball and pretend I can hibernate like a bear. So here we are, early into the changing season, and my imagination has already begun to run riot. It seems as though every day I have a new idea for a book or a character or a short story I want to write I wake up in the wee hours with energy and thoughts that I have to write down so I don’t lose them when I return to sleep. It’s a wonderful, invigorating time. But then all this new energy has to work with the restraint of having commitments to projects already. I have revisions headed my way for Death’s Kiss, a young adult novel that should be making its debut quite soon. I was invited to submit chapters to an agent I met at a conference. And I have already started another novel that is being forced to wait for these first two projects to step aside.

But this is a good problem to have! It is an embarrassment of riches and that makes me very happy indeed. So I will do what I can to pursue these many inspired ideas and try to maintain some sort of balance in the process. I know what ‘s coming, and I know it will be hard.


For now, I’m going to focus on taking advantage of all this energy, all these ideas, and try to make the very most of them I can. Hopefully, if I do this the right way, I’ll have lots of exciting, positive announcements when spring rolls around!